Thursday, 26 May 2011

Orla Kiely Sample Sale

Oh my ......look what just popped into my mail box. And its for chariteeeee!

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Frugal Cool's Remade Home

I'm delighted that FollyandGlee has been invited to take part in Remade Home from Thursday 2 to Saturday 3 June at the Loretto Gallery in Musselburgh.

We were invited by Nicky Orr  the inspiration and driving force behind Frugal Cool. As Nicky explains "Frugal Cool is a sustainable design business, inspired by the vibrant community of talented artisans around us who are creating art, jewellery and home accessories ethically. We are all committed to a happy and healthy world. So we design and create beautiful things mindful of our fragile planet.We promote work which is ethically produced, re-used, green, vintage or fair trade."
Remade Home looks to be a really inspiring visit all about local sustainable design for our homes -making the most of things we already have, and mixing found treasures with contemporary eco technologies.  There is even a Remake Lounge where you can join in for a little creative learning.

Can't make it up to the beautiful Scottish coast this time? Me too - bummer. Console yourself with a browse of ReMade exhibitors in a Flickr Gallery or in the FrugalCool Online Shop.

There are quite a few suprise exhibits going up North from FollyandGlee but I'll share a peek at 3 of the patchwork ones. They were such fun to do.

"Folksy Girl" Patchwork Lampshade

"Desert Rose" Patchwork Lampshade from FollyandGlee

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Patchwork Lamp shades?

Here's a little insight into my head before closing my eyes last night.
x3 different lamp shades patchworked from vintage barkcloth.
But which is which?


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