Monday, 22 April 2013

TedandAgnes and some Barkcloth Squares

I was cheered beyond cheeriness to see what my GrannyChic friend Rachelle of TedandAgnes has been up to. My that gal is a whirlwind of activity. For some of us hosting a photo shoot for Country Living, not to mention recovering from a wet school holiday, would have been more than enough. But lucky for little Violet her mum added this gorgeous throw to her already gorgeous room. Check the castors on that bed - love em.
Especially exciting for me is that said throw is made up of some of my Vintage Barkcloth Fabric Scrap Bags - x3 @ 30cm squares of barkcloth loveliness ready for you to do with as you will.

Rachelle has kindly given some guidance on how she put Violet's throw together on her blog. I'm sure you won't need any tempting while you are there to hop over to the TedandAgnes shop. I for one am forever checking the latest stock of skirts and Rachelle's running workshops too from her beautiful Stitchery.

Baccara Barkcloth Scrap Bag
 Inspired? Well you can't beat Barkcloth for than authentic grannychic style. I've popped a few scrap bags in the shop this morning. All are original vintage cotton barkcloths from the 1930s - 1970s collected by me over many years. 
Polly Barkcloth Scrap Bag
 Barkcloth has a wonderful distinctive double open weave and nubby texture. Hardwearing but super soft and the depth of colour is unbeatable.
Aasta Barkcloth Scrap Bag
You will receive the 3 fabrics photographed with each bag given the name of one of the fabrics inside.  I'm sorry but there is a very limited quantity of each ie just one or two bags of each and once they are gone they are gone.  
Sailing Boat Barkcloth fabric Scrap Bag
If you need more do get in touch at  I'll update the FollyandGlee Facebook Album of available barkcloths over the next couple of days and will be happy to help if I can put a particular selection together for you - depending on availability of enough scrap fabric of course.

Thursday, 4 April 2013

DearEmma's Distractions

This afternoon I have an important meeting with my oncologist and am terrified. A quiet morning staring out of the window patiently waiting for sounds of movement from the teen's rooms is too quiet - I need distraction.
DearEmmas Designs
I am reliably informed via Twitter that the herald of spring - a cuckoo - was heard this morning in Lewes despite the fact snow is settling on the Downs. In our own garden the bird life is noticeable by its absence - I did catch a glimpse of a couple of blue-tits but they were looking just that - blue with cold- and rather downcast.

DearEmma Designs
 Lucky for me that I have a lovely big box of fabulous applique panels from Cathy my clever friend at DearEmmaDesigns to work up into lampshades. Wrens and Blue-Tits galore all at their cheepy chirpy best. 

DearEmma Designs
 As ever they are a limited edition so hop over to the DearEmma website or facebook page to be the first to know when they are available or to ask about pre-ordering.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Sunshine inspired - Virginia and a sister for Mavis

I might still have had to scrape the windscreen of ice early this morning but the sun has been out continuously since and doesn't it feel good?

Virginia £32
Maybe a little rash I know to reach for summery barkloths with roses in full bloom ...but Virginia did match my Easter bouquet from the boys 

 and I really didn't need any excuse to finish a younger sister for Mavis.

Mavis's little sister £28

 Rumour has it there's a baby Mavis on the way....


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