Saturday, 11 December 2010

Goodbyes and wish lists

Well this week I said goodbye to a custom standard lamp retro drum that has eaten almost all of one of favourite barkcloths. It was one of the first barkcloths I ever owned and was given to me by a very generous friend who had been clearing an elderly aunt's loft. I've never seen another like it but I just love the colours.The new owner plans to combine it with a glossy red standard lamp, rather like I did for this photo, and I'm hopeful they will be very happy together.

It being THE season reluctant mutterings of "is there anything you'd like for Christmas?" have been heard and are now echoing around my head. Where do you start? Anyone who browses the interweb even a fraction as much as me can very quickly become overwhelmed at all that loveliness out there.
There is one item I keep returning to stare at though. An item that I cannot possibly argue that I need but nonetheless an item that pulls on the heart strings........a lamp shade. Yes you heard right. Someone who makes lamp shades everyday wants another lamp shade for Christmas. Have I finally lost it? No don't think so just look at this....

Called Caravan of Love it is by designer Kate Boyce. The designs are a combination of photographic imagery with scans of floral fabric from the 70’s and 80’s. The designs are printed with fade resistant inks on a high quality tear-proof paper which allows light to filter through beautifully.

Just stunning aren't they? You can find Kate's designs for House of Chintz in her etsy shop or see them on display in an amazing looking lighting shop called Radiance. Radiance is owned by the super talented Hannah Nunn who has a great blog on which you'll find an interview with Kate.

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Friday, 3 December 2010

Let in snow

Our  village is currently under seige from the snow and the community is pulling together in lots of little ways. From pushing the milk float up the hills, voluntary rashioning at the bakers and sharing a hip flask on the slopes... it's all good to see.

These wintery scenes of folk going about their business put me in mind of a piece of vintage barkcloth I've had for quite a while now. I know it is very rare and depicts a scene from a painting called "Sugaring Off" that captures a community collecting and making maple syrup the traditional way.  I've blogged before about the work of the amazing lady  artist Grandma Moses.
It seemed wrong for it to be languishing in the fabric cupboard any longer so as a tribute to community spirit in the snow it is now transformed into two  lovely lampshades. I've lined them with an old gold PVC which gives off a super warm glow. You'll find one atop a glossy red lamp in the shop.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Last minute advent calendar from Rie Elise Larsen packaging

Phew - I have the perfect last minute advent calender solution thanks to the gorgeousness of all the lovely Danish christmas packaging we have in the Folly and Glee shop again this year. It was really nice last year but the patterns and colours for 2010 are just brilliant.

Image Rie Elise Larsen
You'll need some assorted gift bags (they come in a mixed bag of 8), a roll of wrapping paper (10 different sheets in a roll), some sequin trim and assorted mini giftboxes.

All images Rie Elise Larsen
Add your advent treats or messages to the gift bags, wrapped mini parcels or boxes and number 1-24 or 25!

All images Rie Elise Larsen
Add your numbers to your parcels and boxes directly or onto some of the gift tags (they come as a mixed set of 12).
String it all together on more ribbon. You may need some florist wire to support it. I think I might be cheating and just creating a big pile around a few selected numbered days on a twiggy branch.

How will you do yours?

Homemade Advent Calenders or Calendars?

Well its the Ist December and you just know that real life has been getting in the way because I haven't made an advent calender (or is it calendar?). So far I've got away with it and no one seems to have noticed. A snow day with no school has provided the perfect distraction.

Somewhat starved of inspiration I've just had a look back through the last few years attempts and I thought I'd share. There is a flick set with a bit more information on each one. None of them are rocket science but if anyone wants some tips on a how to or where to get the supplies let me know. Divine Twine features heavily and so do recycled wool sweaters and blankets. Make sure they are 100% wool and just stick them on a really hot wash and you'd have the perfect felt. I both cold water dyes (in a bucket) and washing machine dyes to get a good range of colours.

Mini advent galvinised pails or buckets

Advent bunting with treat sized pockets

Mini stocking advent calendar

Matchbox advent calendar

Felted birdy advent nest

specials for the big day
Right now what can I do for this year before the wet and hungry troops arrive back? Help?


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