Saturday, 30 March 2013

New Easter 40% off ShopLocket Bargains

Just in case you find yourself on a chocolate fuelled on-line shopping frenzy I have two more guilt free 40% bargains from the continued studio spring clean.

Friday, 29 March 2013

Bunny Boxes Win

The reality of a post chemo day is that it can be a challenge to anything more than flick a finger round the gorgeousness that lies within Pinterest all day. Determined to ensure I did something Eastery I had to make a choice: the annual simnel cake or a couple of barkcloth bunny boxes for my nieces mini-eggs.

As you can see the bunny boxes won out. Find the template here. I oversized mine by 150% and used off cuts of lampshade laminate rather than card to make them nice and rigid.
Last years Simnel Cake
My apologies to visiting family for the lack of simnel cake this Easter. Maybe I should make a "things I really should be baking" pinterest board and we can look at that together instead? Mr Hollywood's hot cross buns would be another contender.

BBC Goodfood Recipes
 How about you - what have you not made for Easter that you wish you had?

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Bang up to date

Sometimes you find a vintage fabric that's what 30 or 40 years old or more and something about the colour or pattern just makes you think you saw it yesterday heralded as the latest trend. 
That's how I felt about this barkcloth called Kanye.
2. Cloud 9 fabric called On Point - Peachy from the Simpatico collection designed by 
Michelle Engel Bencsko.
3. Kanye x-large retro drum from FollyandGlee
 There were a couple of items that I kept seeing on the design blogs and Pinterest pages that I loved. They both combined a fabulous geometric pattern with those gorgeous desert inspired celementine/smokey grey/coral colours. And then came along a barkcloth find and it was love at first sight.

Why an earth have you called it Kanye? Well ....silly story but when I look at it I see diamonds. And when I think of diamonds I think of a rather amazing Kanye West concert and holding our hands up in the diamond shape swaying to his  splendidly over the top performance. Yes I know hard to believe I know but once upon a time I frequented such events and yes OK we probably were one of the oldest there but hey!

Room for a little Kanye in your home but a different size or shape - come say

Monday, 25 March 2013


A big virtual hug to everyone who's feeling the cold today. It is bitter even for those of us lucky to still have the power on. Here's hoping all will be restored by evening and you'll be cosy and snug.

Now that I'm working at an enforced slower pace I thought it would be great to take the time and let nature inspire which fabrics I use and when. I'm itching for the first sign of buds on the forsythia so I can make some shades with this beauty.

And oh won't the first cherry blossoms be welcome?

Spring Farm
 Mind you I'd settle for a primrose or two right now.

Sadly the view from my window is of trees as bare as a babies bottom!
Thank goodness for barkcloth - there's a design for every eventuality. 
Meet Burleigh.


Sunday, 24 March 2013

Pompoms - They don't make em like they used to!

Today I've enjoyed a few treasured moments fondling something so soft, round and plumptious that it seems cruel not to share.

Yes its my twindling stock of original vintage cotton pom pom trim for lampshades - made sometime before 1957 by Wrights in the USA.

 Wanna cop a feel?

Saturday, 23 March 2013


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