Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Cherry Blossom Lampshade for Japan Tsunami Relief

Following the recent tragic events in Japan I'm sure most of us are finding it hard to pass the newly emerging blossoms without sensing a tug at the heart strings and a need to know that others suffering will end. 

Cherry blossom is for me symbolic of Japan's countryside. There are many photographic tributes to its beauty and fragility. Holly on Decor8 pulled together a beautiful collage of the work of several Etsy sellers. 
etsy sellers: shaded memories, fly with me, thorsten becker, green zinnia studio, amanda raek, shaded memories, becca c fowler, born barefoot and humboldt street. curated by Holly on Decor8

It took me some time to realise I'm actually the proud owner of a variety of textile cherryblossom patterns. Curiously it was also Holly's post with her reminder of the importance of Mindfulness ie" to notice the sights and sounds around you and to be present and to allow this presence to give you energy, peace, balance, joy and to help you to appreciate life’s details." that had prompted a few precious moments really looking at my beloved vintage barkcloths. It revealed these cherry blossom fabrics.

Do you have a favourite?

Not being able to choose a favourite blossom myself I did what any self respecting, barkcloth hoarding, lampshade making would be fundraiser would do.......I patchworked a lamp shade for a charity auction.

I need to work out the best way and place to auction....I'll be returning with the details asap so do please check back.

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  1. I love that shade, the first of your fabric selection is just beautiful. let us know how you auction the shade - I'd love to have a bid!



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