Saturday, 9 July 2011

Shady trio from a vintage sheet

In between showers I have been laundering a stash from the back of the airing cupboard. A stash of bed linen from the 60s and 70s. As is seems that we have settled on our colour combos for our bedroom it feels greedy to keep those I will never use.

So in love am I with barkcloth that its been quite some time since I made a lamp shade in anything else. The crisp cottony loveliness of one particular piece kept on nagging away to be given a go.
Finding that I had just the right shade of teal blue crochet trim and a length of my favourite Wrights vintage cotton pom poms I gave in. Here are the results.
A trio of shady lovelies.

I am thinking that I should like to make all 3 sizes available in a variety of different retro cottons from "the stash". I'm hoping to have them in the shop by Monday.
Have a lovely week end

PS. I got distracted whilst posting by the puzzle feature on Picnik. Family photos are being transformed into jigsaw puzzles as we speak! You've got to have a go.



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