Thursday, 17 November 2011

Barkcloth Bauble Ornaments?

Just quickly checking in with six newly arrived vintage cotton barkcloths. They are all corkers so don't ask if I have a favourite. There is only one panel of each so just one or two large shades I'm afraid of each. Give me a shout at if you need further images or lampshade sizes/shape options. 
Blurosa and Sissy Vintage Barkcloths
 I am winning a battle with myself  (just) not to go and start draping them around the house and convincing myself that I need them. 
Symli and Umerosa Vintage barkcloths

My consolation prize ..... well I might just make myself some christmas baubles from the scraps. 
Lilianda and Glynde
 I'd love to hear from anyone with an inspired idea for using up the barkcloth scraps for christmas ornaments.
For starters I'm going to retry an old favourite - the fabric scrap balls on the Lisa's wonderful  redthread blog.
the redthreadblog tutorial for fabric scrap ball ornaments
 The Red Thread is one of my absolute favourite blogs and going back to check the tutorial was still there was the perfect opportunity to also visit Lisa's shop and choose my nieces Christmas presents -
Freddie Sweetie Petite Kit

Birdie Brooch
 Go see - you'll love it.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Winter Scene Vintage Barkcloths

Yes I know its not Friday but I can't wait to feature some fabulous fabrics.
I first mustered the courage to cut a treasured pair of curtains of the 1945 painting by Gandma Moses called Sugaring Off last Christmas.

With sales and shameless begging from friends and family I find myself with very little left. But I've found a little and fallen in love all over again.

Sugaring Off Lampshade from Folly&Glee
Sugaring off is one of the scenes that you just never tire off...there is so much to see. I love the Mum pouring the hot maple syrup onto the snow so it hardens to form sweets for the kids. I love the little copper pales hanging in the trees. I love the obvious teamwork and care being shown by the overalled farm workers.

I have another Grandma Moses original barkcloth fabric called Early Springtime.
The snow still looks pretty thick on the ground to me which just emphasises how hard these folk had to work. The same sense of community and love for nature oozes out of this fabric too. See the excited chap emerging from the cottage door with his sledge? The gaggle of geese in search of a thawed patch of ground? The revellers in the cart singing together?

Vintage Scene Lampshade from FollyandGlee

Fabulous eh?
I have so little of this beautiful fabric and I can't bear to cut into the scene too much so there are just 2 large shades in the shop.

Now there is one more vintage scenic barkcloth to feature today. I think if you are a skier, a snowboarder or you just love the slopes this could be the perfect fabric lampshade to aid sweet dreams by the side of your bed.

Snowy Mountain Lampshade on FollyandGlee

It features snow capped mountains, chalet roofs....

and the cutest alpine flowers.

I have enough of this barkcloth for a larger lampshade or two if the size in the shop doesn't work for your lamp.

Talk to you soon fabric lovers!

Friday, 11 November 2011

Sailing Away for Christmas?

Anthropologie has ever...come up with THE most charming christmas decorations or The Branch Bunch.
Being particularly partial to a badger of course I love this little chap.
 And I'm definately putting this on the try myself at home list. I used to have quite a thing for old glass condiment sets. This would be a great way to re-use the old odd ones.
The felt trees and wreaths have the loveliest looking texture to them. How have they done that? Do you wrap the roving around wire?

 But I think my favourite decoration is the little sailing ship. It stirs up all kinds of notions of sailing storming seas to a safe harbour with family for the holiday. And if I'm brutally honest even clearer fancies of taking off and sailing into a winter sunset away from the impending madness and possibly warmer, sunnier climes!
 The little Anthropologie ship did remind me of the beautiful sailing boats made by Ann Wood

Paper Mache Boat by AnnWood
What a fantastic find on Anne's blog ...a tutorial to make your own little paper mache sail boat. In reality I'm not sure there is going to be a crafty moment available this weekend....ah but in my head I shall definately be having a go at one of these.
Happy sailing my hearties.


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