Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Homespun Headspin

It is the Wednesday after Easter and in just over 48 hours time the doors will be opening on Selina Lakes Homespun Style Book Launch and Market.

I simply cannot believe where the time goes. As ever I had so many ideas in my head as to what could be created for such an event ....what could be "follied" and what could be "gleed". The reality is of course that far from a crafty paradise my kitchen table and workshop look like a bombsite, I've just realised I have no banner with my name on, no float, I've just missed the delivery driver, both teenagers want lifts to opposite ends of the county at the same time, the dogs not been walked and my on holiday husband is wearing that rather forlorn "are you going to have any time today" face.

So I retreated this morning for a few quite moments to my favourite bedroom chair (please ignore the paintchips, dirty bedposts etc) and reminded myself why I do this. We all have our own reasons for crafting. Maybe its to help support the family purse. Maybe its a distraction from the murkier challenges of life. It might just be in your bones. Or maybe you just want to make your home just that little bit more special and enjoyable to you and yours.

1. Selina Lake 2. Alice Potter 3. Nicky Grace 4. RayStich 5. Papermash 6. TedandAgnes 7. AllthefunoftheFair 8. Emma Lamb 9. MelMadeThis 10. TatieLou 11. Catherine Hammerton 12. 26Loveletters 13 VNTG Designs 14  RosaBlue 15 HeartZeena 16 Lauras Attic 17 Charlotte Love 18 Teacup Boutique
Who knows what the motivations behind the other wonderful folk coming along on to the Homespun Market are. There is no shortage of talent that's for sure. Quite an intimidating amount of talent I'd say!

I shall be there too with my homespun wares. A little apprehensive. Full of admiration for others present no doubt.....and really hoping to have a chance to say hello to as many of you as can make it. I think it will make a most excellent afternoon out.


  1. Just saw your post on FB. Good luck with finding the time to get organised for Selina's fair and keep everybody happy - it will all fall into place. It looks like it will be great fun! ( and I am still trying to work out if I can make it!)


  2. I bet you'll have a wonderful day, and remember you inspire awe and admiration in others too! Wish I could be there. :)

  3. I hope you had a lovely time Polly x

  4. If I lived close enough I'd come too!! Hope you had a nice day, fliss xxx



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