Thursday, 27 September 2012

Poppingjay Lampshades for Ian Sanderson launched at Decorex 2012

Well that's it then...the great and the good have packed away the most luxurious and beautiful textiles and lighting imaginable for another year. Decorex 2012 has closed its 35th anniversary show and I see the blogs are alive with folk discussing their highlights.

FollyandGlee Patchwork Lampshades in Poppinjay Collection Fabrics from Ian Sanderson
Delighted to report FollyandGlee made a small contribution to this years show. The lovely folk at Ian Sanderson launched the fabulous Poppinjay Collection at Decorex and requested a couple of patchwork lampshades to show off just how well this gorgeous collection of fabrics work together.

Ian Sanderson

From a 1930s interpretation of an Elizabethan-style design to the 21st century modern vintage-style interior Poppinjay is an archive print reborn. Originally wood roller printed on 27” linen in Lancashire in the 1930s. This printing technique was the next generation from the original method of hand wood blocking. These early printing techniques produced some of the most interesting of the late 19th and early 20th century textiles, many of which are now stored in the V and A Museum in London.

 I worked the lampshades in two colourways - Green tea and Russian caravan. But check the Ian Sanderson website for the other colourways....the Thirties Blue/Green is particularly lovely.

I had feared for the different weights of fabric -with some being linens some firmer upholsetery fabrics- making patchworking difficult. But no they were a joy to work with. My favourite......well for sheer softness and all round tactile loveliness I'd say the Cree 100% Scottish Lambswool in Willow. The Ercol has already begun a whispering campain in my ear that it would be perfect for his new covers.

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  1. That's a gorgeous pair of lampshades Miss Polly, how fab they asked you to make them!!!
    The lambswool looks totally delicious and I agree, there should be one or two Ercol makeovers... ;)
    I love the Poppinjay Linens too, Thirties Blue Green is delicious but I've just spotted the Russian Caravan... wow! May need to spend a wee bit more time browsing their site too... :)
    Emma, xx



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