Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Ceramic Swans Rock!

Where do you keep your toothbrush? I confess to having kept mine for sometime now in a granny pink ceramic swan.
My ceramic swan tooth brush holder
I'm mighty pleased with the arrangement. Not only does he do a fine job of keeping my toothbrush out of harms way but he's a great place to sneak away my floss etc.
Despite him having done such a sterling job for so long i am afraid to say I have never bothered to find out anything about him. Lucky for great design lovers Trish Scorgie is not as lackadaisical as I.

Trish is the founder of VolpeandVolpe and is on a mission to bring a slice of our ceramic heritage back, put them into a modern context, make them relevant again, trace them back to their original owners.

With the demise of so many Stoke On Trent potteries and the rise of cheap import markets lots of great peices have been forgotten. Now thanks to VolpeandVolpe the swans are back in six magnificently moodly colours: goose grey, matt black, natural, pistacchio, heather moore and gilbert green.

What is more they have friends. A fox string holder .....

and (my husbands Christmas present to be) a too cute Mole string holder.


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  1. Hello Polly,
    As a recent(ish) collector of swans I have linked to you in my latest post, hope that's OK with you?



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