Thursday, 24 January 2013

What Cancer Cannot Do

So here is what I have learnt in the past six weeks about cancer and its limitations.

Cancer can't diminish love, it can't prevent friendships from deepening and new ones blossoming, it can't silence laughter, it can't suppress memories, it can't shatter hope, it can't conquer courage, it can't invade the soul, it can't steal an eternal life from the universe......and it sure as hell can't stop me playing with the barkcloth and making lampshades.

So I am back from the hospital this afternoon chemoed up to my eyeballs and delighted to announce the shop is back up and ready for business. My sincere apologies to customers old and new for slow responses and the absence of a phone service - I'm working on it promise.

I hope you like some of the new barkcloths. I'm on an imposed quarantine for a few days and hope to get a few more together.

My aim is to launch a lampshade fundraiser for Cancer Research but I want to do it properly and there are many talented folk I'd like to ask to help - this will take some energy and concentration both of which I'm a little low on at the moment.
For now any purchase from the shop will be my wig money. Yes having gone short for the  first time in 20 years last week in preparation it was still a shock this morning to discover rather less on my crown than when I went to bed. Not being so keen on sporting a "monk like do" it may be time to take the rest off......but its so cold!

I have wrestled a little with whether or not this blog was somewhere I wanted to share my f****** cancer journey but never fear it won't be the focus. In many ways the mental scars are more scary than the physical ones and I know that in doing and sharing more of what I  love I'll be protecting myself. The other deciding factor in going public is of course the hope that others who have to embark on this journey to the dark side get to see its not all darkness. My favourite t-shirt of all time reads "blessed are the cracked for they let in the light". And I am a little cracked at the mo.

Take care and go hug a loved one x


  1. I had no idea you have been poorly, I was one of the new customers you speak of, asking about lamps and why I couldn't find them and now feel terrible! I hope you are feeling good. I think it's a great idea to share your journey and I will be checking in regularly and cheering your corner for kicking cancers arse. Take care and BIG BIG for being so brave and sharing. xxx

  2. Words fail me when I think about what you are going through at the moment. I for one am glad that you did decide to share what is happening. I'm off to hug a loved one now. I'll be visiting the shop and checking out your new barkcloths, too. X

  3. Hello sweet lady, how funny I was just stitching up some of your barkcloth square and thinking to myself I must pen a note to Polly. Blooming great attitude my dear and you know I'm in on the fundraising big hug dxxx

  4. Oh Polly my darling, I have been thinking about you and wondering how you were as things were very quiet on the F&G front. I had no idea. You are so very brave and I would like to help/get involved in your latest project in any way I can, just shout. Big healing hugs and love to you my barkcloth babe x

  5. my very best wishes to you....from my experience of cancer with a dear friend there will be lots of laughter as well as tears. on the wig front, maybe try wearing a cheapie one before you embark down the costly friend got a very expensive one only to find it was too hot and irritating. she gave up on it quite quickly. i believe its now at the bottom of her wardrobe.

  6. I wish you deep felt positive thoughts and I admire your thinking enormously. Thank you for sharing your feelings and thoughts - I think that it sends a much needed positive message. It is an issue very close to home and I am sure with many other readers
    Best wishes

  7. So sorry Polly, you must be feeling rough, but sound a very strong lady! Cancer can't take that away from you ...

    I bought s some of your lovely bark cloth from Rachelle at the CL Fair, and am looking forward to hearing more about the lampshade fundraiser.

    Take care, lovely lady

    Claire xxx

  8. Wishing you strength and courage for your cancer journey, take care, all the best from a barkcloth lover from Australia.

  9. So sorry you have to take this journey but so glad you can still find joy in the little things. Barkcloth is an amazing little thing. x

  10. So glad you did write this post, your strong spirit and lets get on with living attitude shine through. ALthough I don't know you personally Polly I know of you through blogland and my friends lampshades made by you that hang in their rooms. I completely agree that you don't want your blog to be about cancer, but I think it's good you say that's what I'm busy dealing with right now so you don't get more demands on you than you need.

    I'd be happy to help in any way for a fundraiser.

    Lisa X

  11. Hope you are coping under such difficult circumstances. The big bad C has been to visit our extended family over the past few years. Not a welcome visitor but we sent him packing, as I'm sure you will too. Keep strong and make sure you get plenty of rest. Let me know if there's anything I can do to help re. the lampshade fundraiser - crochet trim/flowers?? xxx

  12. Polly,
    So glad you are posting so we can all be right here for you... a whole army of blogger friends and supporters!
    What to say and choosing to tell...huge decision, I am so pleased you have....I hope you are too?
    Probably more people out here, who's lives have been touched by cancer than those who's haven't.

    So my heart goes out to you and kind to your talented self darling Polly...and post soon re your cancer lampshade fundraiser

    Daisy xx

  13. I was shocked to read your news Polly, but can tell that you are a fighter. Inspirational words and as always, beautiful creations. Lizzie x

  14. Hello,
    I am just popping by to see how you are?
    and to tell you that even though I don't know you, your news saddened and shocked me so much, that i think of you often.....Daisy J x

  15. Hi Polly,
    Yes I wrestled with that too, whether to carry on with my blog and write about my cancer (diagnosed 3 years ago), in the end I gave up on my blog for a couple of years until I felt more in the mood. Whatever works for you and helps you through treatment.I lost any interest in being creative and it's only now that I'm over the worst that I'm finding my mojo, have started sewing again and love it. Hang in there and stay strong, when you're feeling low remind yourself that the crappy treatment is a good thing, it's getting rid of the f******g cancer.
    Gill x

  16. Good for you! Keep on making those beautiful shades and deciding which of your treasured barkcloths are to be re-purposed for shades



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