Friday, 29 March 2013

Bunny Boxes Win

The reality of a post chemo day is that it can be a challenge to anything more than flick a finger round the gorgeousness that lies within Pinterest all day. Determined to ensure I did something Eastery I had to make a choice: the annual simnel cake or a couple of barkcloth bunny boxes for my nieces mini-eggs.

As you can see the bunny boxes won out. Find the template here. I oversized mine by 150% and used off cuts of lampshade laminate rather than card to make them nice and rigid.
Last years Simnel Cake
My apologies to visiting family for the lack of simnel cake this Easter. Maybe I should make a "things I really should be baking" pinterest board and we can look at that together instead? Mr Hollywood's hot cross buns would be another contender.

BBC Goodfood Recipes
 How about you - what have you not made for Easter that you wish you had?


  1. Your bunny boxes are wonderful and you are a lovely Aunty. Next year you can go back to baking sweetie. Just get well xxx

  2. Oh my dear, I can relate. I would have my chemo every Monday and steroids would be in them and then by mouth for two days..I would swell up like a balloon so much that I could hardly bend my legs and ankles. I think it quite generous of you to dig up the photo from last year. Bless your heart for having the energy to blog..I didn't do well with that until my treatments were all done.

    You seem to have a good attitude which is over half the battle. xo



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