Saturday, 4 May 2013

Breakout the Barkcloth Bunting

So I had my eighth of eight cycles of chemotherapy last Thursday. Man was that hard work. 
Anyway folk have been asking what would I like to do to celebrate this particular milestone on the "journey". A glass of wine? A new head scarf? A holiday in Bora-Bora? 

Mini-barkcloth bunting garland
 Well they would be lovely thank you. What I've actually done of course might seem a little mundane in comparison but I have enjoyed it enormously.....yep I cut into the barkcloth called Darcey.
 Now Darcey is a magnificent fabric - unused and consequently super crisp and bright with eeeenormous ruby red and soft pink rose blooms - and well worth saving up for such an occasion. There is enough for just 4 lampshades including an x-large shade for a standard/floor lamp and a tapered ceiling pendant.

But then there was the scraps dilemma - too good to throw away. So I treated myself to the time to fiddle with fiddly bits and eek out some extra Darcey buttons....
card of 3 large Darcey buttons two sizes.
carded set of 6 Darcey buttons
 And largely because of  my desire to wave off those pesky toxins FollyandGlee is now being stocked with celebratory mini-bunting flag garlands perfect for happier events!

Mini barkcloth bunting garland
 They are double sided so you can ring the changes and hang them to be seen from all  angles. 
Mini barkcloth bunting garland
But maybe the best bit.....they come with their own little spool of barkcloth fabric tape. This means you can hang them from their cherry twine ends with ease AND you'll have plenty left to use at whim.
Barkcloth fabric tape
I have really enjoyed good reports back from customers who bought barkcloth tape spools from me at the Selvedge Winter Fair and look forward to making more in the coming weeks.
Darcey Barkcloth Fabric Scrap Bag
 Last but not least there was just enough left for two more barkcloth scrap bags with Darcey as the focul print.

Darcey x-large retro drum lampshade
There is one more handsewn shade and stitched brooches awaiting the return of some feeling in my fingers but overall I'm elated at having had some studio time and barkcloth healing. 
Anyone else save up a favourite crafty pursuit for a special bit of me time? I'd love to hear. Have a wonderful bank holiday weekend.

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