Saturday, 3 July 2010

Porcelain Lace and the case of the missing Mojo

I think I lost my blogging mojo. Lack of time to oneself is of course also a possibility. However I must be honest and admit to several occasions when I have been oggling the work of truly talented artists and crafters. Inspirational yes.....but viewed during a busy end of term stretch filled with seemingly endless demands for lifts and laundry and the work of the truly talented has left me feeling a bit inadequate.

Delighted as I was to find a way to incorporate crochet lace doilies into lampshades (without creating a fire risk) it is nothing compared to what Kristen Wicklund can do.

The Porcelain Lace in the exhibition photo above is made by dipping the doilies in porcelain clay and then firing them. The crochet itself is burnt away leaving behind the moulded procelain. Beautiful. And look at this.....

called Reincarnation, a work-in-progress crocheted entirely from used plastic shopping bags gathered in New York.

Until my mojo returns x


  1. Hullo there! Just visiting the blog-o-sphere and discovering amazing places and people. I am sorry you seem to have lost your mojo; I don't quite see how you feel inadequate... Your blog is lovely, and although very novice in 'creativity' myself, I enjoyed walking through your ideas :-D
    Here is to hoping your mojo comes back soon... XOX

  2. I don't know how anyone finds the time or the will to write a regular blog. Yours is good -a good read and lovely stuff. Please do the tutorial for the to have a go. Dam shame I missed out on those door knobs!



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