Sunday, 20 June 2010

Badgers, Biscuits and a Brainwave

Posts have been scarce this week. I've been blogging 3 months now and although I haven't yet established any kind of regular rhythmn or special time to blog I must say I do miss it if I don't. So a quick summary of my week would include lots of badgers, very few biscuits and a long awaited brainwave. Let me explain....
Images from BBC Wildlife

Far, far away in an ancient and beautiful land called East Sussex lived a portly couple with their two strapping boys. They had chosen to live in the countryside moving from the big shitty (London) as soon as they could (at the worst time for property prices which some would call foolish but so what) because they loved to walk and to enjoy the wildlife. 
The purchase of a large and very hairy canine friend was both a blessing and a curse in their pursuit of country ways. A curse in that being a sheepdog (of sorts) he had what the professionals would call "plenty of voice when working" which translates as a very loud and chatty bark when hearding his family. However, needing lots of exercise the furry one was also the excuse for dail, and sometimes twice daily, walks. Most of these walks might be descibed by others as stalks for they are often conducted in silence for fear of startling any deer. After something had been spotted the atmosphere is more relaxed and said portly couple  chat (or moan) about the days events. 
Over the years we've had some great spots -snowy owls, barn owls, weasles, stoats, hares, foxes, roe deer, red deer, fallow deer.....but oh dear NEVER a badger. Until that is this week. Because readers on 3 seperate evening walks at 3 different locations around these ere parts we have seen 5 yes 5 badgers. The 3 that crossed our path on Friday evening almost tripped us over and one actually brushed against the furry one and growled at him. What funny grumpy creatues they are and well worth the wait.

Sadly all this walking does not mean that the portly couple from the City are any slimmer. Drastic action has been called for and I've taken our weekly packet of Digestive Biscuits off the online shopping list. It has been 3 and a half weeks since I have eaten a biscuit of any kind. If temptation does become too much rest assured it will be Digestives I reach for first. True Brit blog puts i so much better than me as to why Digestives really are Michael Palin in biscuit form! I miss them.

And finally the Brainwave. Well I've been worrying,  as I do, about the propensity of fabric lovers - especially granny chic affecionados of doilies- to drape said textiles over their lampshades. Is this not a fire risk I fret? Well yes it is. 

What said doily lovers need is a professional lampshade PVC or vinyl that is properly fire retardant and is non flammable but which looks like lace and  can be adorned by doilies in all their glory. And so patient readers here is is....the first Folly&Glee doily lampshade.

7 of my favourite doilies were stitched on by machine. I'd like to try one with contrast colour thread next. What do you think?

Handrolling the edges to the lampshade frame takes ages but the end result is worth it.

I'm going to keep this one but they'll be a couple more in the shop by mid week. I'd would love your feedback.

So my 3 B's this week and now is time for b-----ed x


  1. polly - you are hilarious. i, too, have taken many a walk in the beautiful british countryside and have seen many animals, but i don't think ever a badger, except scurrying away at night as we drove down a dark country lane . . . and that might not technically have been a badger. and the biscuits! digestives must be the michael palin of biscuits, which begs the question -- what about rich teas? or party rings (my personal favorite -- love to scrape off the icing!) or the classic jammie dodger?
    anyway, love your blog!

    best, lynn-anne

  2. I love the lampshade! Who doesn't love a doily?

  3. Hi! I've just discovered your blog and it's great! I'm a new blogger too... a couple of months and it's such great fun. I LOVE upcycling doilies... I've been making stuff out of them for years, and I have noticed that the op shop supplies have been dwindling! I wonder if I have bought the entire stash available in this part of the world! Thus... I LOVE your lampshade and bet it looks great when the light is on... all that doily goodness! Looking forward to seeing what you get up to next... don't lose your blogger mojo for too long!



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