Thursday, 30 September 2010

Crazy to Cut?

Well perhaps not a suprise but today whilst eating what counted for lunch I had a crisis of conscience. Who in their right mind would cut up near perfect lengths of barkcloth some of which is approaching 50 years old. What if no body likes my Folly&Glee lamp shades? What if we move and I need to make new lampshades for our home? What if their is a state of national barkcloth shortage emergency declared?  .......I'll feel like a right NUMPTY. That's what.

The furry one said just take a look around you. Do you need any more lamp shades? No. Do you feel pleasure everyday because of the ones you have? Yes. Wouldn't you feel good sharing some of that joy? Suppose so. Do you need the dosh to buy those Camper boots? Definately.

So.....I did some cutting and some laminating and some stitching and some rolling and there are 3 more vintage barkcloth lampshades in the Folly&Glee shop or if you prefer to but in US Dollars over at my etsy shop.


  1. I too worry about a barkcloth shortage! And I love your shades!

  2. Hi there, I first heard about you from Emma Lamb's blog and then Dottie Angel mentioned you so I thought I'd better pop over and I'm so glad I have. A lovely blog, I really like how you write and then all the eye candy too. At the moment I'm here when I should be doing a million other things so I'll be back to read through all your other posts.

    Also know what you mean about cutting. Do you share it and make pennies or just stash it and get it out for a look see every now and again. Never easy.


  3. Well your lampshade will make me smile for sure when it arrives. Especially now I know my friend Rachelle (Ted and Agnes) has bought one too.

  4. Hi, your lampshades are truly lovely and I am thinking your dog is very cute too :) Jane x x

  5. Not crazy at all. What beautiful creations you have made from them. I shall be sharing your info on my blog soon :-)

  6. Hiya...I found your fab blog and shop via Kristy of VintagePleasure and am so jealous that both she and Rachelle managed to bag one of those stunning rose lampshades. I don't suppose you have any left do you?? If you do, I would lvoe to hear from you...(I'm begging now ;-)



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