Sunday, 26 September 2010

Geometric gorgeousness

Always having been a sucker for florals I didn't think I'd fall for the current geometric trend. But oh I was wrong.
Now I spend my sofa evenings huddled over a pile of hexagon cut outs. I cannot say it is the most enjoyable patchwork project as its a fiddly process but its very rewarding. I love that the old fashioned classic cuts of floral linen appear transformed into something so much more contemporary just by virtue of being an angular shape. Its a slow grower but my plan is to finish a length for a new FollyandGlee lampshade.

Triangles haven't escaped my attention either. I love the simplicity of this little coffee set of cups, saucers, cream jug and sugar bowl. Perfect for expresso or maybe a little after supper chocolate moose? If you love too you'll find it in the shop.

The current obcession with shapes has extended to our wallpaper lampshades too. First to succumb was this lampshade made in an ivory lace vinyl and then strung with bunting. The bunting was fun to cut from tiny scraps of vintage wallpaper laminated onto triangles of the lampshade PVC. I used Divine Twine's gorgeous new candy pink baker's twine which I'm delighted to now have in stock.

I've missed these blog posts over our eventful summer. Whilst it sometimes feels a little self indulgent blogging does give you that reflective time to stand back for a moment and appreciate......whatever. Promise to be back soon.

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