Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Lofoten fishing lodge anyone?

When its so cold and grey outside you'll forgive me for daydreaming about our summer holiday. As yet we have no firm plans but a certain piece of fabric has got me researching the Norwegian archipelego!

Lofoten Vintage Barkcloth

Photo:Robert Walker

Lofoten lampshade by FollyandGlee  
Photo:Robert Walker
Lofoten Large Drum Lampshade 
Photo: Robert Walker
Now I maybe completely wrong at this 1950s barkcloth was not inspired by the beautiful rugged landscape of the Lofoten Islands and its characteristic fishermen's lodges. Regardless I am so happy to have discovered a part of the world I never knew existed. 
If you find yourself with a moment I'd really recomend hopping over to the Lofoten Islands online pages. The stories of the generations that have lived there through good times and bad are quite amazing......oh and the landscapes. Promise me some sunshine and you can book me straight in.

Where has your fabric taken you lately?


  1. beautiful fabric, lampshade and place! was looking through my stash for inspiration earlier and found some amazing camel fabric, but deserts don't really appeal to m - somewhere in Scandinavia would definitely be nicer for a dream holiday. I had never heard of these islands either, thank you for sharing these lovely images! :)

  2. I've actually been to The Lofoten Islands about 20 years ago now. It was fabulous!!!! :-)



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