Saturday, 3 March 2012

Selina Lake's Homespun Style

After a very challenging week (don't ask!) you cannot imagine the pleasure of returning home to a parcel containing a copy of Selina Lake's new publication - Homespun Style-.....and a cup of tea.

 Now I'm guessing you guys have already been buzzing about the loveliness within. I am late to the party as it were but boy was dancing on the table when I spied that FollyandGlee are referenced as a source.

When Selina enquired about our home way way back our little family had truly battened down the hatches for a bit and the time was not right, but I was delighted to send Selina some of  homespun details from the shop eg coloured bakers twine, crochet hangers etc. I couldn't have imagined then the thrill of seeing them again captured in the wonderful photos of Debbie Treloar.

All images: Selina Lake, Homespun Style - photography by Debi Treloar
 Homespun Style beautifully captures the essence of all that is good about making your home your own by bodly celebrating what you love and making the best of what you can afford. Selina has sought out stylish homes that have tremendous charm, warmth and unpretentious, welcoming and truly lived in.

I'd be hardpushed to pick a favourite from the book but I did find this shot of the home of Lill Skagen particularly inspiring. Wowzer said I - that's a styled studio shot. Could anyone really have such a beautiful room - it must be a mansion for such a characterful corner to be claimed by its funky owner?

All images: Selina Lake, Homespun Style - photography by Debi Treloar
Further investigation on Lill's amazing blog that yes this really is Homespun Style in the flesh. maybe that phone's not plugged in above but not only does this lucky family use the space every day but it appears to be a small stair well not a mansion size room.

Lill Sgagen's hallway
You might recall I'm a big fan of pink and orange around our house but I have never ever thought of combining it with black. I just love the contrast of those black frames. Not being a lover of black  we are sadly lacking any black paint ....unless that is I raid the boys airfix painting box....ummmm.

And this for me is what so fab about Selina's book. It is full of inspiration an unceremonious, achievable way. You can buy a signed copy in Selina's etsy store or alternatively come and meet the lady herself.

Yes unbelievably there is more amazing news. Clever chops that she is Selina appears to have invited not just the home owners from the book but also a veritable crochet of homespun lovelies to parade their wares at the book's launch. Selina will be hosting the 'Homespun Book Party and Homespun Market Event' on Friday 13th April (2pm - 8pm) at Hanbury Hall near Brick lane in the heart of the Spitalfields -5 mins from Liverpool Street. 

And you can come too! For a full listing of who will have goodies for sale and to RSVP check  Selina's event facebook page. Hope to see you there....if I haven't fallen off this table.

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