Monday, 7 May 2012


Seeing as its Bank Holiday, raining (of course), and the men folk are all actively engaged in manly pursuits...I thought I'd treat myself to a little playtime.
Vintage Sheet Patchwork Lampshade
The lampshades in our bedroom rotate with alarming frequency but I was keen for a little summer fun and besides I had some new trim to play with.

Vintage Bucilla Trim
I've never seen the like before. There are three horizontal lines of stitching. Once you've sewn your trim in place from the central line you pull away the top and bottom lines and fluff it up. Cool.

Fluffed up trim 

I sadly didn't have enough Bucilla trim to do all the spines of the lampshade frame so I just made a little bias trim out of the vintage sheeting to cover the seams. Don't look too close my edges are less than straight.

Slightly wonky bias trim
Just for safety reassurance I use panels of the fire retardant PVC and didn't want to lput a ligning inside the shade  the traditional way. This of course means the frame will be visible but I covered it in leftover strips of the sheeting and rather like the result.

Frame wrapped in fabric strips
Being rather impatient to get a "me" project finished I stupidly hot ironed the panels and made them flopping. Lesson to the wise floppy panels need restretching and recutting otherwise you will have a bump.

Bumpy panels
Lets be generous and call it another piece "with homespun character".


  1. Wow! This is stunning - love, love, love!

  2. Love it! Looks fantastic, nobody looks too closely at ceiling shades anyway (at least that's what I tell myself about the 1st one I ever made - very messy edges! Really like how you covered the frame in matching strips of fabric. :)

  3. It looks pretty wonderful to me Polly. I adore it, clever lady! How fabulous is that trim?!!!

  4. So glad I saw this, I found loads of this trim but without the packaging & instructions so was not quite sure how to use it. Everything will be having a fluffy trim this week, I think!

  5. Love the lampshade and the trim is gorgeous. i wonder if you cut a strip from a candlewick bedspread you would get a similar effect. Fluffy love.



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