Friday, 18 May 2012

Spring inspired patchwork

You do not want to ask how many started byt not finished projects sit around my workshop. As we know sometimes the hands of time play tricks against us. Slowing down during the crappy chores and speeding up for the happy times and the busy bits. Well this afternoon I finished a project - hoorah.

Started when the Daffodils first made their appearance and a wonderful Spring was set to follow my project entailed a new departure in my lampshade making. I've long wanted to work with a tulip shape frame with a 70s vibe. This little lady has four handstitiched panels all of rescued fabrics: a lovely embroidered linen, a crochet cotton lace and two vintage cottons featuring buttercups and wild roses. A total one off you'll find her in the shop.
One of the reasons it took so long was the time it took me to find suitable trimmings. i want to work with natural cotton and linen trimmings because I think they will compliment the barkcloths so well. Could I find siree. After many days of searching I have finally found a source and look forward to many more trimmed shades to come. Just don't hold your breath cos there sure is a lot of stitching involved.

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