Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Patchwork Cushions

It is an uncomfortable fact that I am left with an awful lot of funny shaped scrap pieces after lampshade making. For an age I've used the leftover bits to make patchwork cushions. Simple stuff - barkcloth front and back, envelope style with 3 handcovered buttons.

It was a very nice suprise to see one of them in Country Homes and Interiors June issue in their Village fete round up. Thank you Country Homes and Interiors.

Village fete by Claire Dorey for Country Homes and Interiors
If you are thinking "um that fabric is familiar" you may be recognising it from a certain someones first book. (How excited are we about the second one!).

 It has that ugly pretty quality so key to the Granny Chic look Dottie Angel has championed and I was very happy that Tiff loved it enough to use it for one of the chapter backgrounds.
I'm afraid I've rather neglected that particular fabric of late - I call it Daisypot- but it is waiting patiently in the cupboard for someone to come claim it for the next project.

Having not seen one for a while -rather like buses- the cushion commisions have come all at once this last week. Here's one I just made for a not to be named just yet Magazine feature for the Autumn.

The brief was for warm oranges, browns, forest greens and mustard. I had a lot of fun putting the options together and rather less fun deciding which ones to actually choose - but I'm happy with the result.
This particular cushion will be winging its way back from the photo shoot at the end of the week so just let me know if you are interested in making it a permenant home.

And here's a sneaky peak of a real stunner I have adored working on. Its part of a larger commission for a very special order for a very special customer that includes patchwork lampshades in the same fabrics. I hope to show you more soon.

If you want to create your own patchwork cushion from the barkcloth stash here is what to do.
Visit the FollyandGlee Flickr gallery for a full listing of available fabrics. There are quite a few also listed on the FollyandGlee Facebook page and I hope to have them all on their soon. Then get choosing.
You need to select 3 small patchwork squares (A,B,C) and a main piece (D) for the cushion front - thats 4 fabrics. Then 2 more fabrics for the back (E and F). If you have a preference for which of those 6 fabrics I handcover the buttons then let me know. The patchwork cushions are £35 each and include a feather pad.

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