Saturday, 14 July 2012

FollyandGlee Bargains on Shoplocket

I've decided to have a little experiment with a rather nifty app called ShopLocket.

I am lucky enough from time to time to get requests from magazine and other stylists for one off pieces. This is obviously great publicity and if I can say yes I do. The downside is that when items are returned to me they have "seen a little life" on their adventure. Invariably they get moved around a photo shoot a few times and often take a few knocks. They are not damaged but I feel less than happy about just poppinf them straight back in the shop....and as they are one offs its somethimes hardly worth all the listing time/fees etc.

The other scenario is of course of my own making. All FollyandGlee items are handmade by my less than fair (kind of gnarled actually) hands. This means mistakes do happen and a line of stitchy can be a bit wonky, a rolled edge might have a fray at the end, and horror of horrors sometimes I discover a slight fabric flaw....after all the work has been done.

Well I'm hoping with this ShopLockety thing we might all be winners. I don't have to sit and stare and projects I'm not sure what to do with and you dear customers get rather lovely things at rock bottom prices.

I promise to make the reductions on my ShopLocket widget at least 40% off and I promise to tell you what the flaw or "unique little character forming feature" is. So first off - here is a smaller than usual 25cm diameter drum patchwork lampshade in a combination of blue/lilac barkcloths. He's a one off made to order for a very highly regarded Interiors Mag and set to feature in their October issue. he returned home in a very big box with some heavier lamp bases and he got a bit dented on one side. I've steam pressed him and 99% of the dent is gone. He's almost half price at £20.
Of course the FollyandGlee shop is still very much alive and soon to be refreshed with lots of new season fabrics. Do still hop over and have a browse please but if you are short on time and want to grab a one off bargain the ShopLocket window just lets you click and pay securely online with PayPal right from the blog and hopefully my the FollyandGlee facebook page. Let me know if it works!

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