Sunday, 15 July 2012

Carnations X Large Tapered Shade Half Price

One lesson I have learnt to my cost is never make lampshades in bad light. Easier said than done on a gloomy, wet and dark afternoon (in July-ha ha!). But the truth is original vintage fabrics have flaws. Many find their way to me as curtains and after all the unpicking of the seams and the oh so careful laundering there are some flaws you can just do nothing about. Sun fading is one of the most annoying. The fabric might on first sight be perfect - its only in good light that you spy a line of slight fading where the sun has worked its magic over time.

This is what has happened to my last piece of carnations barkcloth. Such a pretty print on a clotted cream background. Just one little problem - a line of fading on the back seam. Nothing dramatic just a small section where the background is more "single cream" than "clotted cream"

I've taken pity and done something I rarely do and trimmed this shade rather extravagantly with a really unusual super soft natural linen tassed trim and linen braid. I think it compliments the barkcloth fabric really well.

With the trim (which was from France) this shade should have been in the shop for £60. Its a real one off bargain at £30. Please select whether you'd like to fit it to a floor lamp or hang it as an oversized ceiling pendant. 

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