Wednesday, 26 May 2010

For the Love of Daisies

 Our lawn has been invaded by the sweetest of invaders....hundreds of daisies. Whilst I would be happy to let them be I am told by those that know better about such things that the grass must be mown. This will probably take place at the weekend when our pack leader is home from work. If the wind is in the right direction, it's a full moon and pigs are flying it is also possible boys large or larger may  cut it even sooner. Either way it seems I must soon say farewell to their cheery little faces....

or do I? 

 Found at the Scout Jumble sale on Saturday (at 8 o'clock in the morning sporting hangover from hell) I spied an old 1960s book on wild flowers. It's great and guess what's at no.50. Yep - Bellis something - the daisy. 
Well from then on it seems that everything is coming up daisies. 
I took a tour around the house today whilst waiting upon absent plumber and spied more daisies. There were 3 sets upon my favourite fibreglass trays.

And on the stooly bin thing I think I spy a daisy.  There's my precious patch of vintage vinyl wallpaper all covered in the palest and softest of daisies. And from the corner of my eye whilst deep in conversation with caller I spy another daisy invader on one of the kitchen pinboards.

Well now I became rather alarmed. Have I been a daisy fanatic all these years and never known it? Have I been lurking jumble sales and charity shops with what I though were eagle eyes but which were only actually eyes capable of focusing on things with daisies on? Surely not.

A brief inspection of what passes as my wardrobe revealed no daisies. Phew. I'm 4* for goodness sake - I cannot wear daisies. Cushions, throws and bedding all a bit granny chic floral but no daisies.
But then it hit me how many other flowers I was seeing in the patterns and design. Flowers are truly inspirational and in honour of that I am launching a monthy "floral favourites" round up of all that is best on the interweb/etsy/flickr etc.

Every now and again (roughly monthly) I'll pick a flower and we'll see what we can find. I'd really welcome your suggestions. If there is enough interest I'll set up a flickr group or something where you can submit your entries for that particular flower.

So the first flower to inspire is...the daisy.
And to kick us off I've made my selection of favourite daisy inspired goodness.

My Darling Daisy Design award from Etsy goes to......

Wait a minute, yes - there are even daisies in the Follyandglee shop too. Now what a suprise.

What have you seen inspired by daisies you really Love?

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  1. Thank you for including my photograph.
    Your blog is lovely. Glad to have found it.



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