Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Ishtar Olivera

In my search for the best of  daisy inspired design I came across this gorgeous shot on Flickr from Ishtar Olivera Belart.

Lordy lord Ishtar's blog is amazing with all manner of wonderfulness. I am going to read her tutorials on photography closely as I am a complete novice and have no idea. So far I like what I read and it all makes brilliant sense. For example, Ishtar says in Part one of her Photo Tutorial,

"I like to shoot with natural light. One: because I dont have a photography study , two: because I dont have professional equipment; and three and most important of all, because I love it! Having natural light is everything. Is the key for shooting gorgeous pictures. If I was asked what made my photography better I would honestly answer: NATURAL LIGHT! It really made the difference! But you have to learn what kind of natural light works best."

Got a minute? Go and be informed and inspired.

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