Thursday, 2 June 2011

Arcopal Lovin

It is always really lovely when you discover that someone who's work you have admired for an age ,and whom you believe to have excellent taste, reveals that they like the same stuff you do.

Arcopal Kitchen Corner

Hence imagine how ticked I was to see Emma Lamb - master of colour palettes and crocheted ladies - had posted about her newly beloved jug. Hey I've got one of those I exclaimed......well two actually but one's a bit faded and I save it for pouring pancake mix and the like. It's Arcopal I cried. The French version of Pyrex or Fireking. Its tough, its pretty, its dishwasher safe and everything tastes better out of it.

Why should it give me such a buzz? Is it vindication that you ar not so silly after all thrifting old bits from the recycling and dodgy jumble sales? Or is it more that you are somehow part of the joy now being experienced by others with the same refound stuff?

What I do know is you don't get the same feeling buying stuff new from the highstreet. Refound objects have a doubt.

As if to prove a point within hours my new flickr mate Simone Retro had been intouch to invite us to a new Arcopal Flickr group. Happy days.

1 comment:

  1. Lovely dishes! I adore my Pyrex and Fireking collections. I may have to start collecting the French version now... ;)



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