Friday, 17 June 2011

Inspiration from the Baroness

I have a new lamp shade in our living room.
Do you like it?

I found a pair of curtains at a village jumble sale some time ago. They weren't barkcloth but a heavy linen and so I had no business looking at them. But the selvedge was in French and the colours...oh. I was in love.
They have sat in the non barkcloth pile of my cupboard for some time until one day I read an article about Lisa Bengsston.

Oh my. What a clever cloggs that lady is. I love all of her fabric designs but Baronessa is just great.
I like it in blue....
1. Lisa Bengtsson  2. as before 3. Living Etc December 2010 4. as before
I LOVE it in pink....

Lisa Bengtsson
But in chartreuse and chocolate.........I could eat it. All day.
 Well..maybe not eat it but you know what I mean..cover everything in it..cushions, chairs, the sofa.

Lisa Bengtsson

And actually that's not really so hard to do...recover the sofa I mean. Thanks to those brilliant folk at Bemz you can buy new slip covers in Lisa's Baronessa Design for several IKEA sofa's. Bemz have a nice blog and there are reports of covered beds and bed skirts next so don't be suprised to find me drooling badly in a future post.

 But for now I am happy to just enjoy my new lampshade. They are similar right?

PS: If you love this original vintage Baronessa looky likey too there's enough for one more large retro drum lampshade in the shop now.


  1. Oh that is so very pretty! Our lamp situation is a little disappointing as we have a distinct lack of power sockety things. But one day we will move to a house that has adequate electricity outlets and the living room will be swamped with beautiful lamps like this, yes! Hx



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