Thursday, 23 June 2011

Vintage Wallpaper Sun Substitute

Distinct lack of sunshine in these ere parts.
Having gone around repeating to anyone who expressed dismay at the rain "oh, but I bet the farmers are so relieved"....I have from today changed my automatic and very british weather commentry to "lets hope that downpour's not damaged the crops too much".
I have no real reason to be fretting about the yield from the land. Must be a subconcious thing in support of eldest son who hopes to go to Agricultural College in September. Oooo aaarrh (somerset styly).

In absence of the Sun I brightened the kitchen table this afternoon with cuttings of vintage wallpaper in yellow. A customer asked if I had any "yellows" for a custom child's ply chair. I was suprised to find quite a few. These are my favourite.

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