Friday, 16 September 2011

The Friday Fabric Feature

I am feeling silly that I stash away found fabrics. Fabulous fabrics, be they foraged or financed , are for sharing and so I hereby pledge to  feature a favourite every Friday.

To kick us off may I introduce Tesorla.

Tesorla fabric with Orla Kiely charity bag for Tesco
Tesorla is a lightweight cotton barkcloth. He has no name or maker upon his selvedge and so I cannot date him with any certainty. I named him Tesorla because of his striking similarity to the colours and patterning of my favourite charity shopping bag designed by Orla Kiely for Tesco. I feel he is a he because of his popularity with chaps with a liking for mid-century modern stuff.

Tesorla has traffic light red circles ring with white on a chocolate base, the most gorgeous olive and chocolate circles on a white base, caramel and sage circles on a pale grey base and blocks of charcoal grey.

Tesorla Large Retro Drum at FollyandGlee

He loves to be made into lampshades....particularly the larger retro drums for standard lamps. His ambition is to find a partner and pachwork a cushion or two.

If you think you could give Tesorla a loving home pop in and say

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  1. He is really rather lovely...and makes a fantastic shade! I'm a huge fan of barkcloth...and your website which I have just stumbled across. You have some beautiful things.
    I make lampshades too and sometimes from barkcloth. I'm jealous!!



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