Friday, 23 September 2011

Friday Fabric Feature

Sneaking a non barkcloth into this Fridays Fabric Feature. Its a 1970s manmade fibre and I only have a tiny piece of it but I love it. 

Some of you may remember that I've blogged before about a certain colour combo love. Yes its that pink/ornage/mauve think again. 

I was tempted to include some images of celebrities wearing the much discussed "porange" but I think we get enough celebrity images thrust at us so I'll spare you those...unless you want too :)
  With summer fading fast I couldn't resist a burst of hot colour blocking and made myself a shade for the bedroom. Yes its a keeper.

Had some lovely old cotton pom-pom trim to finish her off.

If you like the shape of the frame check in next week as FollyandGlee will have a very limited number of some exciting new frames launching in the shop very soon.

Have a lovely weekend.

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