Friday, 13 January 2012

Fabulous Fabric Scraps Reborn

Happy New Year to you. I do hope that you had a peaceful festive period and are emerging from the excesses refreshed.
I'm not too good at resolutions but there is a loosely formulated list of "should do's" in my head for 2012. Perhaps not at the top of the list in terms of  priorities (but certainly one of the most fun) is not wasting any fabric scraps especially the precious barkcloth bits. I would welcome your suggestions here!
Aven Barkcloth Buttons
 My trusty Little Arthur button machine has come into his own this morning and helped me put some fab covered buttons together.  
Ditsy Barkcloth Buttons  

Veronica Barkcloth Buttons    

Dolly Barkcloth Buttons

Tersola Barkcloth Buttons
Each card has a nice selection of sizes to play with.

Firework Barkcloth Buttons
And I figured that if they were just loosely sewn to a prescious scrap this could be removed from the laminated card and used to trim whatever clever project you have in mind.

Maddison Barkcloth Buttons
They look so cute now all lined up on the window sill that I'm wondering about just sticking them up as a bit of wall titterlation.
That can't happen til I finish decorating - nothing fancy just a freshen up. On to my second super huge tub of trade paint and still some way to go....

see you soon


  1. Lovely buttons, love barkcloth, the texture is wonderful. I have vowed to finish some of my unfinished projects but am slow in starting as there is some many too order and prioritize, so I'm of no help. Good luck.

  2. These are so cute! Oh how I long for a button machine.. Hx



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