Tuesday, 31 January 2012

New Cloths on the Block

On another grey morning there's nothing better for lifting the spirits than opening a newly arrived parcel to reveal some gorgeous blossomy barkcloth.

Cheri Vintage Cotton Barkcloth   


 This one I've rather cheesily named Cheri because of being rather like a Cherry blossom. Of course now that I'm looking at it again they are far more like Apple blossoms ....duh. Don't tell.

Cheri Vintage Cotton Barkcloth   

And there's more. Big similarities in the colour ways both being printed in the best quality VAT colour dyes. 
But "Bettina" (not sure where that name came from!) is a delicate little posy repeat. 

Bettina Vintage barkcloth
Investigating the selvedge further I see the actual name is Runnymede.

Bettina Vintage Barkcloth

 So two rather beautiful but wrongly named (by me) additions awaiting your instructions on what shape and size lampshade your heart desires.

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