Wednesday, 18 January 2012

What a grey day!

Crumbs its a gloomy old day to day out there. The furry one and I took an early and very muddy stroll first thing. We've been spoilt of late with the most wonderful pink sunrise skys but oh not to day. A grey blanket has descended upon Sussex. Not a fluffy snuggly handloomed wooly wonder of a blanket. Oh no ...more the damp, dog haired type normally found strewn in the back of removal vehicles.

There is hope. A glowing hazy blur of yellow - low in the sky and struggling to burn through the grey gloom. Sun shine will return.

Yellow and Grey Vintage Fabric Lampshades

So in celebration of all things yellow and grey I've been busy this morning and made a collective of lampshades all featuring said colours. I say collective because I'm not sure what to call a group of lampshades. A"radiance" of lampshades, an "illuminus" of lampshades, an "effulgence" perhaps.... or a an "oculus".  I don't know.

Not the best day for natural light so apologies for the quality of the photographs. They'll be winging their way into the shop when better pics allow.

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