Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Colour Palette: Nubby Delight

You have to pop over to Emma Lamb to see the amazing colour palette Emma's created and christened "Nubby Delight".
Vintage Barkcloth Bouquet

  Emma's clever colour palettes highlight just how stunning the tones are in the fabric nicknamed Bouquet.I am simply amazed and how many there are.

I wish I could tell you the fabric maker and designers name. Alas I have no information for you. 
Anyone out there recognise it? Anyone know how you can source the origin of textiles like this? I'd love to play detective.

It arrived home with me as a loved and used single curtain. The lining was torn but the cotton barkcloth itself did very fresh and unfaded by sunlight. It is one of the softest and nubbliest barkcloths I've ever owned. It reminds you of a Sanderson design with those big blossomy blooms but I didn't think they printed on this kind of fabric only smooth cottons and linens?

It has all gone now I'm afraid except for the off patchwork scrap.

Fear not if you love it as I think Bouquet has a little sister- Bettina.
Vintage Barkcloth Bettina

and possibly an Aunty Glynde.
Vintage Barkcloth Glynde
 Thank you so much Emma.

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