Wednesday, 22 February 2012

All Puffed Out

I fear I have fallen in love. A love that is currently all consuming and proving costly to my eyesight, what is left of my nails not to mention the state of our home. Let me explain.

A while ago I thrifted a quilt made entirely of suffolk puffs or yo-yo's. 

Although the backing was badly torn and faded the majority of the puffs were still quite lovely.

It's extraordinarily easy to quickly become mezmorised by it. The variety of prints and the quality of the patterns is just amazing.

If anyone can help me date it or even better name some of the fabrics I'd be most greatful. Personally I think it must be 1930's? And possibly American? 

Anyway totally smitten I embarked upon a mad cap scheme to rescue what was left of the quilt. There are sadly puffs that are just too torn to repair. But thankfully many more have simply lost their puff and with a little coaxing are regaining their former glory.

They are very happy with a backing fabric. It is a very lightweight cotton curtain that came from a Scout jumble sale in nearby Firle. It certainly has that Bloomsbury look and I like to dream there is a Charleston connection - you never know.

I have several plans for the repuffed and newly backed puffs. 
 I'm most inspired by the lovely necklace from the gorgeous Hensteethart blog.

But of course lampshades are an obvious project for me.

 I'm particularly pleased with how amazing they are lit.

I have no idea how long this love affair with re-puffing is going to last. There are bound to be some puffs left out of the goings on here so if you feel you could befriend a few tired puffs and offer a happy home for their twilight years do get in touch.


  1. Wow, they are lovely Polly. Your lampshade is beautiful. I agree with you, I think they are 1930's/40's from USA, there are a few feedsacks I can see in there. I too adore the Suffolk Puff, or Yo-Yo as they are known Stateside ;-)

  2. I love all your lampshades but this one is my fave!!! Id love to rehome a puff or two if you do have some left over! Fliss xxx

  3. Hi Polly, I've just found your blog - through Mrs Bobo-Bun actually, and reading down your archives came to this post. (I hope you get email to let you know you've had a comment on older posts!)

    I was lucky enough to buy some old suffolk puffs (or yo-yos!) at the Country Living Fair this year, and have written a blog-post about them. Check out my blog, the CLF post and the one after it which I've written about American Feed Sack quilts, you may find it interesting! Anyway, I'll be popping back to 'visit' you again, now I know where you are! Bye for now, Lynne.



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