Monday, 13 February 2012

Cross stitch: From the wall to the floor

Is this the most amazing rug in the world or is this the most amazing rug in the world?

Woven Ground Canveous Flower: Picture from Shelia FitzJones PR
 You can read more about it and its designer, Charlotte Lancelot, over at Design Milk.

Woven Ground Canveous Flower Picture Detail : Picture from Shelia FitzJones PR

It does rather remind me of the fabulous painted cross stitch mural in the home Eline Pellinkhof  blogged here last March. If you would like an update and news on Eline's book being translated into English there's a nice interview with Eline in this months Mollie Makes.

The Home of Eline Pellinkhof via Bloesem        

Eline promised a template for anyone needing a little help to re-create the mural. And hooray you can now buy two sizes of  plastic templates (size A3 and A5) that help you transfer any cross stitch pattern.  You just trace the template with a pencil and then color in the pencil lines with paint. They are available from ByPetra.

atHome magazine

For more rather nice contemporary cross stitch ideas have a gander atthe Dutch atHome magazine.

Now then - what's it to be. A template, paints and paint brush for the wall (as said almost a year ago!) OR do I buy some floor felt, a home punch and some chennile wool and try for a rug?

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  1. Oh my! That rug is beautiful. It looks threadbare....but in a good way.



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