Wednesday, 22 February 2012

All Puffed Out

I fear I have fallen in love. A love that is currently all consuming and proving costly to my eyesight, what is left of my nails not to mention the state of our home. Let me explain.

A while ago I thrifted a quilt made entirely of suffolk puffs or yo-yo's. 

Although the backing was badly torn and faded the majority of the puffs were still quite lovely.

It's extraordinarily easy to quickly become mezmorised by it. The variety of prints and the quality of the patterns is just amazing.

If anyone can help me date it or even better name some of the fabrics I'd be most greatful. Personally I think it must be 1930's? And possibly American? 

Anyway totally smitten I embarked upon a mad cap scheme to rescue what was left of the quilt. There are sadly puffs that are just too torn to repair. But thankfully many more have simply lost their puff and with a little coaxing are regaining their former glory.

They are very happy with a backing fabric. It is a very lightweight cotton curtain that came from a Scout jumble sale in nearby Firle. It certainly has that Bloomsbury look and I like to dream there is a Charleston connection - you never know.

I have several plans for the repuffed and newly backed puffs. 
 I'm most inspired by the lovely necklace from the gorgeous Hensteethart blog.

But of course lampshades are an obvious project for me.

 I'm particularly pleased with how amazing they are lit.

I have no idea how long this love affair with re-puffing is going to last. There are bound to be some puffs left out of the goings on here so if you feel you could befriend a few tired puffs and offer a happy home for their twilight years do get in touch.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Button love

Do you remember Little Arthur?

Little Arthur
 He who has provided many hours of repetitive but joyous "button therapy" over the years?

Well together we have been button making into the night.  Little A's in need of a resharpening in the toolshed and I have no thumbnails left but we are delighted with our efforts. The buttons are no ordinary buttons no siree. These are the cutest buttons imaginable all covered in just the most amazing fabric from the stash of a certain someone.....
...from Devon. Can you guess who?
Getting warmer?
yes you've guessed it. Simply gorgeous vintage fabric covered buttons will be available from the delectable Donna Flower very soon.

Phew! I'm off to soak my thumbs. Possibly with some ginger wine in there.

Monday, 13 February 2012

Cross stitch: From the wall to the floor

Is this the most amazing rug in the world or is this the most amazing rug in the world?

Woven Ground Canveous Flower: Picture from Shelia FitzJones PR
 You can read more about it and its designer, Charlotte Lancelot, over at Design Milk.

Woven Ground Canveous Flower Picture Detail : Picture from Shelia FitzJones PR

It does rather remind me of the fabulous painted cross stitch mural in the home Eline Pellinkhof  blogged here last March. If you would like an update and news on Eline's book being translated into English there's a nice interview with Eline in this months Mollie Makes.

The Home of Eline Pellinkhof via Bloesem        

Eline promised a template for anyone needing a little help to re-create the mural. And hooray you can now buy two sizes of  plastic templates (size A3 and A5) that help you transfer any cross stitch pattern.  You just trace the template with a pencil and then color in the pencil lines with paint. They are available from ByPetra.

atHome magazine

For more rather nice contemporary cross stitch ideas have a gander atthe Dutch atHome magazine.

Now then - what's it to be. A template, paints and paint brush for the wall (as said almost a year ago!) OR do I buy some floor felt, a home punch and some chennile wool and try for a rug?

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Heart Adrift?

Ella Robinson

Ella Robinson

These stunning hearts embroidered onto found driftwood are the creation of local Brighton artist Ella Robinson. Choose your favourite here.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Free Cartlolina Postcard Day

I've just inherited my youngest sons smart phone and boy am I having fun! 
Not only has the world of Facebook suddenly opened up I can safely say I also finally understand the point of Twitter! It's not just for twitterings...who'd have thought.

I still have much to explore. The world of "Apps" seems like a big and scary place but there was one app I'd seen on blogs long ago and craved ever since. Its a lovely app from Cartolina that allows you to send really beautifully set messages. 

There are lots of designs to choose from and more being released all the time.
Today I saw a tweet that it's free postcard day. If you've download the app on your phone for today only you can for fre choose an actual real postable postcard - yep made of card- personalise and post it. I'm just choosing mine now...go and see.

Colour Palette: Nubby Delight

You have to pop over to Emma Lamb to see the amazing colour palette Emma's created and christened "Nubby Delight".
Vintage Barkcloth Bouquet

  Emma's clever colour palettes highlight just how stunning the tones are in the fabric nicknamed Bouquet.I am simply amazed and how many there are.

I wish I could tell you the fabric maker and designers name. Alas I have no information for you. 
Anyone out there recognise it? Anyone know how you can source the origin of textiles like this? I'd love to play detective.

It arrived home with me as a loved and used single curtain. The lining was torn but the cotton barkcloth itself did very fresh and unfaded by sunlight. It is one of the softest and nubbliest barkcloths I've ever owned. It reminds you of a Sanderson design with those big blossomy blooms but I didn't think they printed on this kind of fabric only smooth cottons and linens?

It has all gone now I'm afraid except for the off patchwork scrap.

Fear not if you love it as I think Bouquet has a little sister- Bettina.
Vintage Barkcloth Bettina

and possibly an Aunty Glynde.
Vintage Barkcloth Glynde
 Thank you so much Emma.

Monday, 6 February 2012

Coming soon......Barkcloth Bliss

Exciting news fabric lovers. You know I love my vintage barkcloths. Whilst blathering on about them I'm acutely aware that I very often don't ever seem to do them justice. Neither in my written description of their colours or with the visual image.

On checking in one day at Emma Lamb -my favourite crocheteer's blog, it struck me what was needed.

Emma Lamb Pincushions
Emma has for a long time now created the most inspiring of colour palettes often from the simplest of objects. Now there's a lady who understands and appreciates colour- aha!
Luckily a bundle of barkcloth swatches has been enough to seduce Emma to join forces on a project we have nicknamed Barkcloth Bliss. Tomorrow Emma will be taking the first of what we hope will be many vintage barkcloths and creating their very own colour palette.

Until tomorrow here's Emma in her own words to tell you more about the inspiration for her gorgeous colour palettes and the process she uses to create them.

"Hello fabulous Folly & Glee readers!

I am so thrilled to be doing this wee blog collaboration with lovely Polly! Although we are only just starting I am already feeling hugely inspired by the idea of exploring the array of delicious colours this nubby barkcloth has to offer.

But first a wee bit about me and why I'm so passionate about seeking out beautiful colour and creating colour palettes...

Throughout my creative career the first thing that I am always inspired by is colour. It doesn't matter if I'm looking at yarns, fabrics, magazines/blogs, wildflowers or the shelves of my local charity shops if the colour of something is beautiful I will be inextricably drawn in to find out more. Knowing that I could happen upon that 'something' at any moment is kind of thrilling and when I do it's one of those wonderful epiphanous (Google tells me this is a word but my spellchecker has a different opinion!) moments that gives me such an urge to create. Sometimes it isn't always practical to get crafty and make something right away, so often the best way to document those epiphanies is to pull together a wee colour palette story for future reference.

Some of my most favourite palettes to date have come from unexpected finds such as 'beach debris'
Beach Debris Colour Pallete by Emma Lamb
which features a wee collection of gorgeous pebbles and pottery found while walking my wee man Spanner, my English Cocker Spaniel, along our local beach.

Another is 'button stash' 

Button Stash Colour Collage by Emma Lamb
I love vintage plastic buttons because their colours are so vibrant and unique much like those of barkcloth.

As I said, I am very much looking forward to exploring the beauty of Polly's delicious barkcloth swatches through my colour palettes. I know they are going to be an endless source of inspiration.

I do hope you will all love 'Barkcloth Bliss' too!

Emma, x"


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