Thursday, 22 April 2010

Colour Combo love

Well is almost a year since the chosen one bought me what is still my favourite Cream top from the lovely boutique that is MyaRosa. No....that's not me in the photo...if only.

Wearing sparked an almost uncontrollable love for the pink/orange/lilac combination which has had untold implications for both the kitchen and the bedroom.

But now a new piece of retro loveliness has fallen into our lives and is both folly and cause of much glee.

 A fabulous 1950s/60s eiderdown quilt in perfect unused condition. Look at that colour combo - chartreuse green/yellow with rose pink. I do not dare even place it on the bed for fear of sparking another new colour combo fetish.

Better put it into the shop quick.


  1. I LOVE your pink/orange/lilac combination in your polaroids, lovely!
    Good luck with your grand opening, I love your shop already!

  2. Love, love, love the quilt. Can't wait for the shop opening. It all looks great.



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