Friday, 23 April 2010

Swarm inspired

Sfgirlbybay posted about the work of former Anthropologie visual director Lesley Oschmann. Well having quite literally been reduced to tears by the wonderfulness of the Christmas window at the newly opened regent street site of Antthropologie with its 15ft newspaper polar bear....I needed to see more. Oschmann's Swarm studio in Amsterdam is amazing. All kinds of mid century furniture finds recovered in stitched and cut art canvas.Go and see.

I rescued a pile of tiny infant school plywood chairs from the furniture recycling centre. I keep changing my mind about what to do with them. It was going to be decopage. Then it was going to be vintage wallpaper. Lately we've been pondering a fabric wrap but now.....well would it be wrong to try using a canvas?
Its such an original idea of  that it seems such a cheet to steal it but the effect is so amazing I think I've got to have a go.

I asked the hairy one what he thought.

He's not confident it will work.

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