Monday, 5 April 2010

Crochet Stooly Bin Thing

Really pleased with my crochet stool top finished today. We have a great little Danish Mod desk on the landing and its a nice communal space for a laptop and family browsing.......but its very low and the big boys in this house were looking a bit stooped over it. A thrifting friend (J) was very sweet and passed this 70s storage bin/stool thing on to me cos I love these colours. Its been skulking in the office doing a grand storage job but I think its found its real purpose in life now. A new foam seat and a crochet cover and its good to go. The bonus is every time I pass and find boy "stuff" spilling out over said desk I can scoop it up and shove it into stooly bin thing.
If anybody had said "Polly you'll crochet a top for your stooly bin thing" a month or so ago I woud have sighed in dismay cos alas I could not crochet a stitch. However thanks to the patience of talented friend (A), inspiration from the super gorgeous Woodandwoolstool, and an old bag pattern from a fab 70's Golden Hands magazine ...I did it. 
Boys of course think the flower a tad unnecessary but it hides the hole in the middle where I haven't yet mastered the crochet magic circle method. Anyway tis nice and soft for their buts cos its crocheted in Rowan Purelife organic cotton. The colours are really unusual ( I used lipstick tree/brazilwood and quebracho cuba) and are the result of natural plant dyes.  Pleased to report already been in the washer and the tumble dryer with no ill effects.

You can read more about the certification of organic cotton at bioRe and exactly what they do to support the farming community that produces this super wool. Just to help get the message across about their good intentions Rowan have free downloads of a cute trio of knitting patterns for Eco Eric, his girl and now a lamb.

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