Tuesday, 1 June 2010

1970s wallpaper - just for kids?

It was a funny old weekend.
Our 18th Wedding Anniversary but also the 1st anniversary of the death of my dear Dad.
Miss you Dad x

Due to the pretty much constant drizzle yesterday I did get lots done decorating our bedroom. Here's a peek at our new washbasin topped with 1970s wallpaper...

and the lampshade I've cut from a patchwork of ...yes 1970s wallpaper samples.

All is progressing well. But oh! what's this? Elle Decor (UK) arrives on the doorstep. I open with glee. An article on 1970s wallpaper with shots from the fabulous Retrovilla fotalbum advocating just how uber stylish 70s florals really are?

Photo from Retrovilla Fotoalbum

No not quite....more along the lines of they are nice and colourful for injecting "personality" into KIDS rooms! Not for grown-ups then? My heart sinks a little.

But hell no. I love my 70s patterns and I'm sticking by them.....sometimes quite literally.
Childs Chair from FollyandGlee


  1. hello... :)

    i just wanted to pop by and say thank you for your sweet comment on my blog today ~ it's great to know that there really are clouds with silver linings out there... !
    oh, and i absolutely love your wall paper lampshade!

    many hugs,
    emma x

  2. what for kids rooms only?! they just got cold feet that's all! ;)
    just had a look 'round your online shop, I love it, looks great! x

  3. Me too, I'm sticking to them ;-)



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