Friday, 4 June 2010

Heatwave delays Daisy Lamp tutorial

What is this?

Is it:

(a) Mum's mess on the kitchen table....again?
(b) An excuse for a cutting out job outside in the sun avoiding more necessary and useful tasks?
(c) A masterclass tutorial in the making for retro wallpaper Daisy Lamp as promised?

Of course it is all of the above. Alas the rather lovely heatwave currently hitting pale and paunchy Old Blighty has slowed even play work to a snails pace and I fear the tutorial may take a little longer.

Fear not I will get there.....even if I have now been somewhat distracted by the wonderousness of this patchwork fabric wall from the obviously uber talented  About Mo and Me.

Why is it so hard to just have one project on the go at one time?

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