Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Christmas comes early

Much excitment as our brave posty battled through a heavy old smattering of the winter white stuff to deliver 3 packages.
Package number one contained my new winter hat. If only I looked this good in it. It's jolly warm and a really comfy fit. Some people have suggested I look even more like the furry one with it on but I know they are only jealous.
River Island Trapper Hat at Asos.com
Package number two was my printed up mid century modern Christmas Cards. I'm very pleased with the folk from Moo. All is as it should be including no unwanted trademarks and the Folly and Glee logo on the back.

Ahhh but package number three...what could it be.....only a Dottie Angel pillow all the way from Tif as a part two to our recent vintage barkcloth fabric swap. He has settled in immediately making good friends with the Ercol and raises a smile every time I pass.

The attention to detail is inspiring as always. Thank you Tif.

1 comment:

  1. Ohhhh what lovely parcels. That hat looks sooo cosy and Tif's cushion is beautiful. Lucky girl!

    I have one of those lovely sewing boxes in my shop. They are fab. It looks great next to your Ercol.



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