Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Mid century mod Christmas cards

I wanted to do some Christmas Cards this year that served more than one purpose. Cards with cutouts to be turned into decorations seemed the ideal solution. Lurking at the far end of the bookself I've had an old envelope full of paper cut decorations for yonks.  I believe it originally came from a 1950s or 60s craft magazine in the US. Sadly I don't have the magazine just the cut outs.

I'm no expert on computer graphics so it has taken an age, frozen my wrist and provoked I must confess some foul language ....but I have redrawn and cleaned up my favourite 5 decorations - a nativity scene, the 3 kings, a snowman, an angel and of course Santa. They are at the printers as we speak and I'm really looking forward to seeing the results.

I plan to clean up one or two more for a freebie christmas giveaway (there are some ultra cute reindeer and a little tin soldier) but if you do like the look of these first 5 cards do let me know. I've only ordered enough for our family use but I'd be happy to do more or maybe post a pdf pattern? Any takers?

They will all come with their own instructions for assembly.

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