Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Design your own lampshade

I've been really lucky to receive several custom orders for lamp shades recently. The patchwork shades are perhaps the most fun because its always exciting to see which fabrics folk choose and discover how they will work together.

Take this one. The brief was for a lamp shade with a foliage/winter theme in reds, blues and greys. I hunted around the fabric shelves and these are the barkcloths selected.....
.....and here are those fabrics patchworked into a lampshade.

Its the same process for making a vintage lace shade but with more snuffling around in my lace and doily drawer plus some precious time with Little A the trusty button maker. Some of these fabrics are really old ie 1930s and they are torn and tired in places. Using them in patchwork shades is brilliant because you get to rescue all the good, still vibrant bits.
I'm not sure how many more custom shades I can fit it before Christmas  but if you have a sad floor/table lamp that is looking for a new partner or if the sprouts on your holiday table might look more inviting under a new ceiling pendant....get in touch. Below are the sizes I typically make for folk.
Just let me know what size you'd like and whether you'll be providing your own fabric or want me to source that for you. You are most welcome to peruse my Flick gallery of vintage barkcloths but be warned it's not always up to date....I may have new stock or be running low.

Lots of you ask me where do I find my vintage fabrics? Well its certainly getting harder but jumble sales are probably still my favourite hunting ground. For a more comfortable experience perhaps the best source of  vintage fabrics in the UK is DonnaFlower. Donna REALLY knows her stuff and has an ever changing stock from pretty much every era. Follow Donna's blog for regular updates on what's just arrived and events, open days etc.
My most favourite vintage barkcloth ever was bought from Donna yonks ago. I must take a close up when the sun is next shining but if you really want to know it's the yellow roses fabric hiding my veg and under sink unmentionables in the kichen.


  1. Oh, I really love these, such a good idea.

  2. Your work is absolutely stunning, I just love it!



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