Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Folly and Glee in the Mossy Shed!

Apologies for the blogging silence. Life has thrown our little family an unexpected challenge but I'm sure we will emerge stronger for it. I just couldn't not let you know about the vintage barkcloth fabric swap I did with Tif though. 

I can't wait to show you the amazing barkcloth I is all quite gorgeous and so very DottieAngel. Those of you who follow the goings on in the Mossy Shed will know just how quickly the most amazing delights appear. Well now there is some Folly and Glee goodness in there too.

Just look at that cushion - are those two barkcloths soulmates or not? Thank you Tif for introducing them.

If you love the yellow graphic barkcloth I have good and bad news. The bad is that there is only enough left for a couple more shades. The good news.........I have just sourced the same fabric in a sunny yellow but with darker tones of orange and pink!

If you love the orange and yellow rose barkcloth (GORGEOUS) stay tuned as I have four shades of different sizes hitting the shop on Wednesday 24th November.

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