Saturday, 11 December 2010

Goodbyes and wish lists

Well this week I said goodbye to a custom standard lamp retro drum that has eaten almost all of one of favourite barkcloths. It was one of the first barkcloths I ever owned and was given to me by a very generous friend who had been clearing an elderly aunt's loft. I've never seen another like it but I just love the colours.The new owner plans to combine it with a glossy red standard lamp, rather like I did for this photo, and I'm hopeful they will be very happy together.

It being THE season reluctant mutterings of "is there anything you'd like for Christmas?" have been heard and are now echoing around my head. Where do you start? Anyone who browses the interweb even a fraction as much as me can very quickly become overwhelmed at all that loveliness out there.
There is one item I keep returning to stare at though. An item that I cannot possibly argue that I need but nonetheless an item that pulls on the heart strings........a lamp shade. Yes you heard right. Someone who makes lamp shades everyday wants another lamp shade for Christmas. Have I finally lost it? No don't think so just look at this....

Called Caravan of Love it is by designer Kate Boyce. The designs are a combination of photographic imagery with scans of floral fabric from the 70’s and 80’s. The designs are printed with fade resistant inks on a high quality tear-proof paper which allows light to filter through beautifully.

Just stunning aren't they? You can find Kate's designs for House of Chintz in her etsy shop or see them on display in an amazing looking lighting shop called Radiance. Radiance is owned by the super talented Hannah Nunn who has a great blog on which you'll find an interview with Kate.


  1. I do love your stripey lamp up there! Those Kate Boyce ones are quite lovely too...

  2. it's very hard saying goodbye to something you've made. that's why i keep taking my original works on wood out of my shop and hanging them on my wall! not great business.
    those lampshades are indeed beautiful, going to have a look at all those links now. ta-ra!

  3. A happy New Year to you. I just found you via Little Green Shed, having found but then lost you earlier in the year when Dottie Angel talked about the loveliness here. I'll be here again!

  4. Hello there.... :o) !!

    I've just popped over from Dottie Angel & wanted to let you know I'm THRILLED to have found you....Your blog is GORGEOUS & the colours make me SMILE OUT LOUD....!

    I'm looking forward to catching up with you when you're back from holidays....!

    Cheers from Australia,
    Tamarah :o)



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