Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Homemade Advent Calenders or Calendars?

Well its the Ist December and you just know that real life has been getting in the way because I haven't made an advent calender (or is it calendar?). So far I've got away with it and no one seems to have noticed. A snow day with no school has provided the perfect distraction.

Somewhat starved of inspiration I've just had a look back through the last few years attempts and I thought I'd share. There is a flick set with a bit more information on each one. None of them are rocket science but if anyone wants some tips on a how to or where to get the supplies let me know. Divine Twine features heavily and so do recycled wool sweaters and blankets. Make sure they are 100% wool and just stick them on a really hot wash and you'd have the perfect felt. I both cold water dyes (in a bucket) and washing machine dyes to get a good range of colours.

Mini advent galvinised pails or buckets

Advent bunting with treat sized pockets

Mini stocking advent calendar

Matchbox advent calendar

Felted birdy advent nest

specials for the big day
Right now what can I do for this year before the wet and hungry troops arrive back? Help?


  1. Hello, Hello! You have a lovely blog and I cannot believe you are so talented. Oh advent calenders, one of my most favorite parts of this coming Season. Last year, my husband made calender shaped like a Christmas tree with tiny drawers to pull out. I then painted it, green and used different papers on the outside with the days marked in funky colors...Anyway that is my idea and of course it helps that my hubby has a woodshop which he is usually in. I am sure you will think of something.

  2. love the sound of that tree with tiny drawers. I have a super duper computer whizz hubby ....alas a woodshop is not high on the agenda. x

  3. How wonderful! I think the birdie wreath is my favourite, I love the colours :)



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