Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Last minute advent calendar from Rie Elise Larsen packaging

Phew - I have the perfect last minute advent calender solution thanks to the gorgeousness of all the lovely Danish christmas packaging we have in the Folly and Glee shop again this year. It was really nice last year but the patterns and colours for 2010 are just brilliant.

Image Rie Elise Larsen
You'll need some assorted gift bags (they come in a mixed bag of 8), a roll of wrapping paper (10 different sheets in a roll), some sequin trim and assorted mini giftboxes.

All images Rie Elise Larsen
Add your advent treats or messages to the gift bags, wrapped mini parcels or boxes and number 1-24 or 25!

All images Rie Elise Larsen
Add your numbers to your parcels and boxes directly or onto some of the gift tags (they come as a mixed set of 12).
String it all together on more ribbon. You may need some florist wire to support it. I think I might be cheating and just creating a big pile around a few selected numbered days on a twiggy branch.

How will you do yours?

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